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Tasty Chai's Tiger Chai 12 cup pack

TastyChai's Tiger Chai Mix

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A connoisseur's delight, Tasty Chai's Tiger Chai is a gourmet tea mix made from the finest Assam & Darjeeling black tea. It has hints of fresh ginger added to give it its smooth and robust flavor. In addition, it contains freshly ground Cardamom and Clove from the Nilgiri Hills of Kerala to give it an added punch.

Just add 1 flat teaspoon of the mix to 1 cup of hot (or cold) water, some sugar, milk (or almond milk) and in under a minute you will have a cup of delicious tasting chai.

The resultant beverage is a true representation of the Indian palate, which is a ripple of soothing and spicy flavors in your tea. On days when you're feeling low, a cup of your favorite brew can do wonders. Our energizing tea does just that – rejuvenate, revitalize and invigorate you! This deliciously complex and uplifting energy tea is a one-of-a-kind specialty tea purposefully formulated to naturally energize the body and mind.

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