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When we started this business, we did so because we couldn't find any chai that tasted like the chai we were used to in India. While we knew a thing or two about tea and cannabis, at first we didn’t think of mixing tea with cannabis. A suggestion from one of our Tasty Chai fans got us thinking about it. We use only top-shelf teas (Darjeeling and Assam tea leaf, not tea dust or CTC as is commonly used in most teabags) and herbs sourced from India.

We were intrigued by the lack of good-tasting cannabis teas, and decided that we wanted to solve the issue. After several iterations, we feel confident that we have a high quality traditional chai that is like no other. Our proprietary method makes the cannabis water-soluble and masks the taste with natural herbs. Our chai goes well with a variety of snacks, sweet and savory.

All our ingredients are vegan, gluten free, naturally sourced and healthy. Our teas are low calorie (21 calories per cup, Wow!), and come unsweetened, and are packed with nutritious goodness. Our Cannabis Ginger High Tea contains ginger which may treat many symptoms such as nausea, morning sickness, muscle pain/soreness, osteoarthritis, low blood sugar, chronic indigestion, menstrual pain, high cholesterol levels, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

The THC in High Tea may be useful in alleviating symptoms such as headaches /migraines, body aches, and insomnia /sleep-issues.

High Tea is available for sale at the following stores in Oregon:

  • Portland
    1. Ivy Cannabis
    2. Green Front
  • Hood River
    1. Gorge Greenery
  • more coming soon...


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